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Fullgrip Paving

Established in 1986, Fullgrip Paving has become a household name in the paving industry. The unique hexagonal and rectangular pavers come in a variety of colours to compliment the tastes and needs of clients. Fullgrip Paving is the ideal product for both residential and commercial use as it can be laid around the pool, in driveways and car parks to name but a few.



All pavers are manufactured using a 25mpa design mix with a river sand / cement topping approximately 7 10mm thick. Colouring is by means of inorganic iron oxide.

6mm stone is used in the backing mix.


Mini Hex


Mini Hex is designed for driveways, car parking areas and commercial applications.

Dimensions : 256mm across x 60mm thick. (80mm thick for heavy duty use)

17 pavers per m2

Long half- 2.2 No. per linear metre
Short half- 4.0 No per linear metre

Please note: Where paving is subject to vehicular subject it must be laid on a correctly constructed sub-base, compacted to acceptable density.Expert advice should be sought in this regard.

Hex Paver


The Hex paver is designed for pathways, pool surrounds and patio, not subject to vehicular traffic.

Dimensions : 346mm across x 50mm thick.

10 pavers per m2

Half pavers are supplied to minimise the need for cutting.

Long half 1.6 No. per linear metre
Short half 2.8 No. per linear metre

Elite Paver


Elite pavers are designed for patios pathways and driveways
They are also extensively used as a border to the Hexagonal range.

Dimensions : 200mm x 100mm x 60mm thick

48 pavers per m2

Laying of Paving

The area should be leveled to approximately 80mm below the required finished level. If crusher run is required, further excavation must be done to allow for this. Where the area was previously planted or grassed, a proprietary weed killer should be applied.

The sub-base must be compacted by means of a roller or plate compactor.

A 25mm layer of river sand, laid and screeded to receive the paver. It is preferable to mix cement into the dry sand at a ratio of one pocket to 30m2.

The paving is laid close but joint using rubber mallet to bed the pavers.

The underside of the Hexagonal pavers has a patented recess to allow even bedding of the pavers. It is not recommended to use plates compactor over the finished pavers as this may cause damage to the topping.

The perimeter of the paving should be retained by means of a concrete beam and haunch.

When laying hexagonal pavers in areas that are not regular or parallel it is advisable to use an elite brick border on a concrete bed to retain the edge.
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